Do IPL Hair Removal Devices Work?

Do IPL Hair Removal Devices Work?

Do IPL Hair Removal Devices Work?

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IPL Hair Removal Laser

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For years, IPL hair removal was a trade secret known only to those in the know — a murmur that circulated among the salon-going set. That whisper has now turned into a scream with IPL technology such as the painless and effective IPL hair removal device on our website now accessible for home usage. Many people are excited about this new hair removal treatment that provides smoothness for weeks at a time. In reality, millions of women have already begun to use it. So, what exactly is IPL? and Do IPL Hair Removal Devices Actually Work?

What exactly are IPL Hair Removal Devices?

IPL is an abbreviation for Intense Pulsed Light technology. Through which the hair you have falls out and your body progressively develops less hair in that specific location. That smoothness also lasts a very long period.

The culmination of years of study, provides a remarkable 8 weeks of hair-free living after the first four treatments through our IPL hair removal device. It’s not only for legs: clever curved attachments lets you reach and treat your underarms, bikini region, and face securely. So, IPL can really replace shavers, wax treatments, and epilators.

Benefits and Drawbacks of IPL Hair Removal Devices

There are two kinds of at-home hair removal machines. The first is a real laser, whereas the second employs powerful pulsed light. Both kinds of hair removal devices eliminate hair although they are less potent than the equipment used in a dermatologist’s clinic.

That is both excellent and awful. On one hand, having less power means having less responsibility. You don’t have to worry about singeing yourself for the sake of flawless skin since these gadgets are safe for amateurs to use at home. (However, during laser, make sure you follow the instructions completely and properly.)

However, with less power also comes less effectiveness: at-home gadgets do not perform as effectively as professional versions.

Who should attempt laser hair removal at home?

One of the most significant disadvantages of at-home laser hair removal? The tools are only effective on a limited number of hair and skin hues. Lasers target pigments in the hair follicle and are only effective when there is a high contrast between skin and hair. This implies that the systems are best suited to those with fair complexion and dark hair.

Burns are more likely in persons with darker skin, yet many at-home devices contain sensors that prohibit them from operating on darker skins.

Professional lasers are your only choice if you don’t have the pale-skin/dark-hair combination. The lasers utilized in the dermatological clinic are more advanced and may be used on individuals of any skin hue.

IPL Hair Removal Laser Device For Women
IPL Hair Removal Device’s Suitability

Who is eligible to use IPL Hair Removal Devices?

IPL devices are not for everyone since they can only recognize and target hair pigment that is a contrasting colour to the skin.

Because naturally light blonde, red, white, and grey hair have less pigments, IPL isn’t as effective on persons with these hair colors, regardless of skin color. They also do not function on those with dark skin tones. Those with light to medium complexion and dark hair are often the greatest candidates for IPL.

It should be noted that they are not suited for pregnant women, people with certain skin/hair issues, or those undergoing specific therapies. They also do not work on tattoos or permanent cosmetics, so always read the fine print before purchasing.

Do IPL Hair Removal Devices cause pain?

Simply told, it does not cause any harm. The IPL Hair Removal device was clinically tested on over 2,000 women to ensure that it was gentle and simple to use. The majority of users experienced a little warm feeling with each flash, but that was all. That’s one of the reasons why over 1.5 million women worldwide are currently using IPL: who can say no to pain-free, long-lasting hair removal?

The secret is to utilize the correct light intensity setting. There are numerous to pick from, and the package includes a useful guide to help you select the best option for your skin tone and hair color.

To prevent any discomfort, it’s recommended to strictly adhere to the use requirements. Before applying this device, shave the area and avoid flashing the same place repeatedly.

And, as you would expect, IPL (or any other hair removal therapy) should not be used on damaged or irritated skin, tattoos, infections, or burns.

The amount of pain varies by individual, but the feeling may be extremely tingling and hot – it’s often compared to being flicked with a heated elastic band. However, since the procedure is very rapid, the discomfort is brief.

Most devices include a variety of heat settings to make it more pleasant, particularly in sensitive regions. It’s vital to realize that a lower intensity is also less effective, thus maintaining it at this level would necessitate using the machine for a longer period of time.

If you’ve attempted epilating and couldn’t get through it without your eyes watering, this is a less painful option!

IPL Laser Modes
IPL Hair Removal Device Modes

What to Think About When Buying An IPL hair removing device?

The total number of flashes:

This is the maximum number of flashes that the gadget can produce. Most have a minimum of 100,000 flashes, but when that runs out, you’ll need to replace the lamp. Replacement bulbs are not available for all devices while some devices give a limitless number of flashes.

The number of treatment heads:

 If you want to use the device on smaller regions, a head with a smaller treatment window is preferable.

The strength

This influences how often you’ll need to use the device and if you’ll be able to adjust the strength to suit more sensitive locations.

IPL Hair Device Settings
IPL Hair Removal Device’s Light Settings

The number of modes available:

Most devices include glide and stamp modes, and some even have a “gentle” option.

Time between flashes:

The shorter the time between flashes, the faster the therapy procedure.

Some gadgets identify the best intensity and safe settings for your skin tone automatically.

Corded or cordless:

Some gadgets may be operated cordlessly for convenience and portability.

IPL Hair Removal Laser For All Body Hair Parts
IPL Hair Removal Device’s Applications


Home IPL hair removal machines provide extremely delicate light pulses to the hair root. This causes the hair to enter a resting phase and eventually disappear making these devices highly effective and of great value. You can purchase an effective yet cost friendly IPL hair removal device on our website.

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